IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For May 10, 2021

Good Morning! The IBD site says Uptrend Under Pressure but the MarketSmith site says Uptrend Resumes. Which is correct? Note however, I think one could make the case that both are correct… 🙂 Says Uptrend on the old homepage. Looks like there was a glitch on the new home page. We’re fixing it. Thanks for letting us know. Can you please go over CNQ? Looks like it’s pushing a cup with out handle. Looks good. Getting extended. GM! I hope the NASDAQ is listenng to this great tune! I think we nee to play the Stones louder to get the Nasdaq’s attention. 😉 Are FCX and STLD too extended to add to position? Yes. Wait for at least a pullback to the 21 day. de a buy here? We will take a look at it! One of the “ready list” names we definitely want to check in on in the early going today IPO BASE ON AGL with potential breakout? Looks good. Rare to see 4 blue weekly bars on a new IPO. Great sales growth, although the market doesn’t seem as focused on sales as it was last year. Can we discuss hth thanks Numbers look great. Base seems a little deeper than a lot of other financial stocks. Tons of financial stocks ready to break out. Justin and Ali – great podcast with Chris Retzler! Thanks, Aziz. The biggest problem with some of these guests is that it’s so hard to keep them short! Bntx actionable? Too extended for me. Is FireEye a buy (possibly breaking a downsloping trendline)? They have been hired to resolve the ransomware issue at the pipeline company Up 3% but not breaking the downtrend. big picture calls Market in Uptrend and calls Uptrend Under Pressure. Whats the story? Juan is fixing it to Uptrend. He did it last week but something must have gone awry. GM IBD Live. Harold, thanks for keeping me in fdx I was getting impatient with it. Great to hear! It’s still acting well. Harold – good morning and great to see you again. Does the RS line on SCCO bother you? David Ryan has really made me become more aware of the RS line Yes, that is a concern, it is in an industry that has demand. Starting with a small position On the “New” homepage, it stil shows the market as “Uptrend Under Pressure”, but the Big Picture say we are back in an uptrend????? That’s a glitch that we’re trying to fix. Market back in uptrend. How much weigh does the team put into the Acc/Dis Rating ? Monitoring institutional buying and selling in a stock is important. It’s an important rating that we all use. Kathy Donnelly is a great guest and a wealth of information. Bring her back soon. She’s in the rotation. Good morning from Chicago . . . Let’s have a great Monday! Good morning. TTC is indeed looking good. Top of the morning everyone! ‘Hat man’ seems to have been out of action the last week. Enjoying a much needed vacation? Yep. He’s coming home from Maui today. Can we discuss TTD; The Trade Desk; anouncing split 10/1… Down BIG 92pts… Why? one would think that is a Good thing. Please discuss. 1000 shares is now 10,000 shares… Right??? TY live answered IPI – a key “Sir Dog” recommendation by David Ryan & Chris has been crushed – well below 8% sell rule. Any Thoughts on next plan if you are already long????Thanks Actually I’m in Mosaic. IPI was too thin for me. Last week’s close below the 10-week is a clear sell signal. I would be out. I watched the you tube with Kathy yesterday. Great interview Justin and Ali Thanks, Phil. She’s so easy and fun to talk to as you may have noticed when she was on Friday. Worth watching her interview with Irusha as well where she talks about post-analysis and her root-cause failure training as an engineer. to the Team – XPEL (Xpel Inc) – candidate for earnings gap up from consolidation base this morning? Closed Fri at $63, opening this morning up 3.5% at $65 – watch the 5 minute bars ?? Not a breakaway gap but acting well so far. JPM at pivot live answered Is it too late for FCX or NUE? Too late. Both are very extended. Ally – IPI is one of Sir Dog names that is not working. Should we buy this pullback??? As David Ryan stressed as he coined this term, he came up with SIR DOG as companies that are representative of the kinds of stocks/sectors that are doing well, rather than specific stocks that are doing great. IPI is relatively thin and is not trading well – definitely diverging from other fertilizer plays. DE — Consolidated for 26 months – had a 8-month run 100% gain – consolidated for 7-wks. Is 7 wks enough time . . . ? It was enough for a flat base on a daily chart (and an odd-shapped, shallow cup-with-handle base on a weekly chart.) FCX just reached the profit zone, would it make sense to sell some and buys some of SCCO? FCX is the clear leader. Nothing wrong with booking some profits, but personally I would not rotate into SCCO. Not my trading style. Harold, why trade SCCO when FCX seems to be the leader in the copper space? FCX is extended Would you follow the Copper Futures to track the SCCO and or FCX? Absolutely. Copper prices have been rising for more than a year. How ’bout FANG. Approaching pvt. Look timely? Right on the cusp. Only issue for me is the RS line is lagging a bit. Thoughs on RVLV pullback today was expecting some follow through — not an ugly, heavy volume decline. Trying to come off lows. CAT gap up into BZ Acting well and has decent volume this morning. RVLV, Can you take a look please. Coming back down agani today, fair enugh an inside day but Fridays range was huge so not surprising, however very large volume. How would you interpret that? I hold this stock by the way and am inclined to hold it, bought it here at the breakout level. No longer an inside day, but boucing a bit off the low. I’ll wait until near the close to make a decision. If it closes near here I will hold. If it takes out the low before then, I will start selling some shares. RVLV is selling off live answered RS line going below 200 day avg, is there any significance to it? There is no significance to the placement of the RS line on the chart. amgn above 261ish? that’s certainly a legitimate pivot. Given back all gains today, though. Is GROY breaking out of its cup and handle? Looks like it to me. See handle on daily chart but not on weekly. Not a deal breaker but I like to see a handle on daily and weekly. Gives me more confidence that a true shakeout occurred when the handle formed. Justin, when i took that motor class, i alway had a couple nuts or bolts left on the table when i thought the motor was back together Lol! The absolute worst. What is “SirDog”? What does it stand for? David Ryan was talking about stocks that looked interesting. STLD; IPI; RIO; DEN; OAS; and GVA. Or Sic Dog would replace RIO with CCJ. Maybe RVLV will be an inside day, I’m looking for it to close above $54.59 rough day, didn’t see this coming! your view of FTNT……keeps pulling back; any upside for keeping it? Pulling back modestly today from a record high. Looks fairly normal to me. What is your take on EPAM? Loking strong – now has a three-weeks-tight, held up well after a very brief earnings shakeout last week. INMD? Looks like it’s finally ready to form a new base. Been a long time coming! Did we talk about the market trend from yellow to green? why? The daily Big Picture column helps explain the change in market outlook. Check it out here: FND — Appears as though it’s attempting to shake out the weak. Potential Base on Base . . . give it time. live answered where do you find the ready list again – next to that’s day archived video we include a recap summary with a link to the edited Q&A and the ready and watch lists. Someone previously asked about following copper futures… how does one do that? You can find copper futures a lot of places – CNBC and bloomberg have commodities/metals futures available. Hey Justin what do you think about the 8 week rule on ACH? Look at what the stock did the last two times it triggered the 8-week hold rule. Sharp pullbacks both times. What criterion do u follow for entering a trade – Pattern or RS Line? I find that while the price is near the top of the cup and handle pattern, the RS line is heading downwards or lower than what it was a few weeks back. I look at both. We’ve found our performance improves markedly when we make sure the RS line is confirming the breakout. What could be a strategy for ALGN after buying it last week, I’m feeling like its a shakeout? Last week’s reversal looked interesting. But if it closes below Thursday’s low I would be out. Cathie Wood points out that copper is breaking out of a years long base, also Maybe FCX will go into the ARK space ETF. IPI _ what is wrong with this one? Don’t know – but it sold off very hard last week. It’s a thinner name so is more-prone to big swings. But it’s definitely the laggard among fertilizer names. HAROLD — DE — At your convenience, please take a look at its monthly chart. I suspect DE may make a nice run right through earnings. The move on the monthly chart is too parabolic for me. Howver, I like thew action of the RS line not a good day for sq & pypl, stay away from stocks hanging out below 50 day line. If PYPL were not a Long-Term Leader with a big profit cushion, we would not be paying it any attention. Please explain the difference in the IBD Mutual Fund Index Ownership & those funds that are rated as A+ funds. What makes the IBD Mutual Fund Index Ownership more relevant than “A” or “A+” funds? The IBD index funds are those that have shown great ability in multiple cycles to pick winning growth stocks. I also pay attention to A+ funds whenever I analyze ownership. Both are important. I want to have plenty of both, but will be happy with either. Even though the S&P and Dow have been doing well, are they now getting too from the 50d and 200d? Should we be expecting a pullback which won’t be good for the overall market with weaknesses in the Nasdaq and Russell? Part of today’s poll! 🙂 RBLX earnings, what are the analysts expectations? Zacks has adjusted profit of 21 cents, reversing a year-ago loss, with revenue up 252% to $568.6 million why not have a legend on Marketsmith for the moving averages. I keep forgeting which color is which time period Hi Maurice! We have this outlined over at 🙂 Hi Justin, I go through a large number of SMH component stocks and “classify” than from bearish to bullish patterns. The Semi Equip Stocks clearly held the SMH up as several were “nothing” patterns. Do you use this component analysis in SMH? DO you also think that the HTMMIS book “Equipment purchases are late cycle” applies, OR do you think there now “Is no cycle in Semi’s”, (the demand is just too high). Thanks! I like that approach, Frank. The chip sector is so broad and they can act very differently. Joe Fahmy made a strong case for a move away from cyclicality in chips a few weeks ago. Chris Retzler got into it on our podcast last week. Chips are just used so much in so many products, everything from cars to toasters. It’s not just tech dependent anymore. Ed’s WBT is in a 3-weeks tight on Marketsmith. Yes, but it’s being acquired by MIDD – at this point investors should focus on that stock. What stocks do you use for grain and agriculture plays? MOS and BNGE have been the leaders. TPL nearly $35 spread, yikes live answered Earlier in the show this morning, Alissa mentioned there was a link to IBD Ready List… can you please share the link? Thanks – next to that day’s archived video we’ll post a recap a few hours later. That recap includes a link to the edited Q&A and the ready/watch stock lists. Paypal ? Struggling for support at 50-day line.Challenging times for the Nasdaq right now. Is it a buy for $uaa? Nearing test of 50-day line after short-lived breakout. I’d wait and see what a test looks like. EPS after market for TREX. live answered Thoughts on competitor AZEK ? Also holding in buy zone heading into earnings this week. Might move on TREX results. Trex was experieincing delays too. It took 6 weeks before my materials were shipped. live answered MED – breaking out. Consider this a re-opening play? Sponsorship looks so-so however. Thoughts? These are tough we stocks run up from near the bottom on the right side of the base. Feels extended even though it just entered the buy zone. Feels like we may have moved from “uptrend under pressure” to “confirmed uptrend” a little too quickly? S&P made a new high. Can’t argue with the market. Question about Leaderboard “Stocks in the spotlight” on the Leaderboard website. is this a ready list for Leaderboard? No it’s not. It’s just a list of stocks in our Stock Spotlight screen. do you know what’s going on with TTD? MS graph has it up 706% but TOS has it down 20%? If you already discussed disregard I can re-watch the zoom MarketSmith is wrong – was correct earlier. Looks like it applied the coming 10-for-1 split. SIC Dog – stock – CCJ – any thoughts today holding up well after strong move, esp. giving analyst downgrade. CCJ near buy point. Can we look at RVLV again please – really looking horrible live answered Kathy Wood said that oil has had lower highs so be careful with oil stocks Maybe if someone points out that oil derricks are “self driving” she’ll assign a $10K price target to CPE. Please update on RVLV live answered As a trader using fidelity I am constantly influenced by the wash sale effect which increases the cost basis of my repurchased shares. How do you deal with that mentally? I don’t worry about it. If a stock shakes me out and then reverses, what’s more important: the wash sale rule or missing a huge gain? I watched all 12 MarketSmith University videos this weekend, picked up a lot of detail tips. Good stuff, thanks to all who made them! This is awesome to hear, Robert! Isn’t RVLV doing the same thing it did in after earnings on 2/26? Yep. It’s a volatile stock. FCX and other stocks are turning negative for the day – any concerns? Maybe selling off as market was getting heated and people are taking profits? Copper, which was up 2% or so near the open, is now down a bit. Just an observation, these very high priced stocks don’t really offer a bunch of accessibility to a lot of investors IMO. Say you have a $50,000 portfolio and NVDA looks great. If you buy 10 shares, if has to go up $100 for you to make a grand! Not very interesting to many. With free trades, it’s all about the percentage changes. 10% from a high priced stock and one from a lower priced shares is exactly the same. align in the sand Too funny! What abt leaderboard positions SQ PYPL We sold SQ last week when it closed below the 50-day. We reduced PYPL ahead of earnigs. Because we have such a big profit gain on it and it’s a Long Term Leader, we are holding for now. If you recently bought PYPL and are down, you should sell. So don’t buy Tech…miners, home builders, banks, many IBD groups doing well Yep!

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