IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, April 14, 2021

To LA from Minneapolis (where we have snow on the ground this morning) – Good Wednesday Morning to the entire IBD Live International Team Good morning! My wife’s been complaining about the cold here. In the 50s. Good morning. GM Taher Beautiful music…so mellow and calm Hi Aziz; Chris’ pick: Freddie Freeloader by the one and only, Miles Davis. Hat Good monring! GM Michael! Good morning! Something cool for the hep cats… Miles Davis, Blaine! Miles is the man… Good morning IBD team Eric, you nailed it! Freddie Freeloader Nice Jazzy Morning! Nice indeed! Kinda Blue … a classic and a top five in any jazz lover’s portfolio Sounds like I’ve heard this one in many a club, Jeffrey! Miles Davis? All Blues? Freddie Freeloader too early for a cigar and bourbon with this music? Not for us. Ticker JAZZ Yup; or FRED ? Good morning! Can you comment on whether SWKS is approaching a buy point? Yep. I think you can use the April 5 high as your buy point. The Genius that is Miles! Miles, Trane, Cannonball and Evans. greatest jazz group ever. Freddie Freeloader is a great way to start the day. We love this comment, Thorne! love the change in music everyday ! you guys are awesome with the variety 🙂 Miles Davis, Swing Out Sister, Jack Johnson, Ozzy Osbourne and Death Cab from Cutie… all in just one trading week! Gooooood Moooorrrrrnnnning IBD! Hey Shane! Good morning from another sunny and beautiful day in Chicago. We’re all going to have an amazing day of investing! Let’s have an amazing day indeed Peter! IRUSHA !! The crowd goes wild!! DSC = Distinguished Service Cross? 🙂 Now that is a distinguished acronym, Blaine! Much, much more mighty than the one associated w/ IBD Live. Cheers! RBLX looks like it is retreating to the buy point this morning Def needs to catch its breath, Phil All-star lineup today in every way! Great! happy happy to see Irusha and Charles, and the rest of you guys So are we Michael Let’s go Team IBD – GM GM! Thanks for joining us Good morning. With coin ipo today I was wondering if any of you have found if our technical charting works on individual crypto such as BTC or ETH? Any positions in crypto? These might be different animals. The topping action in 2017 and subsequent correction usually takes years to come back, if it ever does. Bitcoin acted very differently getting back to huge gains again this past year. Doing my homework last night and MGA and SSTK looked right. Thoughts? Mark, MGA is def acting well; nice uptrend, solid move after a breakout past the base in October near 54. Liking the post-breakout move in SSTK as well. Sorry, I missed Irusha’s picks, could you please let me know which were? LYFT Chris and Justin – great Webinar yesterday. Thanks! We had a lot fun and were eager to share the pairs trade of FFTY and BUFF. “Please have Charles give us his thoughts on the market. Swing trades have not been doing so well this year.” The rotation has been tough. Irusha / Charles – what do you think about tech stocks especially names like Tesla? Would you get back in now? live answered for Charles. I’ve never owned TSLA, but noticed Monday it approaching recovering it’ 50-day. Would Monday have been a bondafide buy time for TSLA? Hey Michael! We discussed on the show Monday that yes, it was in position for an aggressive buy — also our stock of the day on Monday on Highlighted it again yesterday as a buy for TSLA bulls as it cleared the 50-day but we also pointed out its flaws. I’m sure Charles will comment on the chart action we’ve seen this week! GM IBD LIve, great to see Irusha & Charles joining in today. Ed & Ali, MRVI gets on one’s watch list due to the terrific New America section! Let’s roll! Nice! GM, Thomas! will Charles or the rest of the team be buying COIN today? If so how are they playing it Hi Eric! We always wait for an IPO base to form, rather than buying new issues right out of the gate Are any of you buying COIN – How do you expect it to impact RIOT , PYpl, SQ, etc. We always wait for an IPO base, or at least the formation of an aggressive entry, with new issues. We don’t like buying on the first day of trade — many risks with doing so. Look at BMBL for example Charles is the man! Always enjoy when he is part of the show. Totally! BNTX at pivot Nice gains lately EFTs – great webinar yesterday on EFTs. Looking at FFTY and BOUT, I see they have small daily $ vol (< 1mil and 6mil respectively) compared to others like QQQ. How much of an issue would this be in considering building a position of these? I’ll ask in today’s poll Q! Hi has any work been done on what percent of breakouts pull back to the pivot like FND for example? I’ll ask this in today’s poll Q! PINS live answered SNAP gap up breaking DT line live answered PINS — looking good! live answered PINS live answered PINS breaking handle live answered If we have a question today or please ask panelists espec. Charles: How do they view base counting especially in the current market Adding this to today’s poll! to Team – PINS (Pinterest) gapped up at open & moving above an early buy point of 86.08 from a short term high of 85.98 from last week Thurs 4/8. live answered PINS — +4.76 – Vol: +255% live answered Good morning IBD! Is PINS forming cup n mini handle or just a cup ? It’s breaking out. live answered Is SSTK still actionable !? It’s extended now 🙁 yesterday would’ve been the day “Good morning, any news on RBLX? Stock selling off. Thanks.” live answered to the Team – ZIM (ZIM Integrated Shipping) in #3 group is trending higher – care to comment on whether there is a possible entry point? Feels extended at these levels. 19% above the 10-week Can anyone confirm that 10,950 plus estimated change for current quarter that Leaderboard has for ZIM. I’ve never seen a number that high. Current quarter estimates are for EPS of $3.76 according to Zacks. MarketSmith shows the company earned the equivalent of 4 cents a share the same quarter a year ago (before the company was public). ST Feedback: the new Alert system setup sucks, sorry We’re trying to prevent machines from making these trades extended right out of the gate, before our customers can get in and buy. What issue are you facing? WSM – AT 21 EMA – can you initiate here? Yes! added to SNAP position going over the buy point live answered Good morning IBD. Charles, what do you think of PINS? It’s forming a cup n handle or just a cup? live answered Hey guy’s. How about a look at PINS if you get a chance. Nice open today and nearing that buy point! live answered How invested is Charles today and what would he Sounds like he’s fully invested — said he doesn’t have room in his portfolio for new buys at this time pins ??? live answered How about PINS? live answered SwingTrader experiment with new notifications is not working. Just now I had two notices on phone, when i click on them it is blank and i can’t see what was the new trade. This is not working. You need to touch and hold and then it will pop up on your phone. There is a video showing how it works on the FAQ page. Any comments on today’s movement in steel stocks? X, CLF? live answered Can you please explain what a reopening trade means Airlines, hotels, restaurants, etc. as the economy reopens/vaccines roll out The recording icon is blocking the ticker symbol in MarketSmith. Hi Frank — you should be able to adjust the size of your Zoom window to adjust for this! TXG is breaking out live answered what does PPO and PO mean on the UPST chart? Proposed public offering and public offering, as in a secondary/follow-on offering! Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) – early entry? Moving with Volume. Earnings in 8 days. Looks good to me. Thoughts? live answered TXG at standard pivot live answered lets look at TXG…thanks live answered TXG is trying to breakout live answered Poll question for Charles – when he says, he buys on pullbacks – is it 50 day MVA pullback and then breakout to buy? He likes buying as stocks are pulling back, in anticipation of a successful test of support TXG? live answered TXG poking above consolidation live answered A bit unlucky but props for staying with the sell rules. I can give you 100 examples of when you sold and saved a ton of money for us. Youll get one like SAVE every once in a while. Thank you for setting good a example. Thanks, Tom! 🙂 can you comment ALGN? live answered Any thoughts on TXG back at the pivot live answered let’s look at TXG it’s zooming!! live answered TXG is breaking out on volume. live answered TXG live answered Uber breaking out live answered uber going past another buypoint of 61.02 live answered TXG looks great…..I held Chris…TY live answered Great day! Charles AND Irusha! Agreed! Ali – yes, I understood Charles like to buy on pullbacks in this market but how far pull back – 50 day, 200 day or ? Usually the 50-day SMG? Finding support at the 21-day/pivot area for now. One of the choices in today’s poll Q is a discussion about % of stocks pulling back to pivot after a breakout would you please look at SQ today? Pulling back after strong run – likely being affected by Bitcoin – which surged yesterday – pulling back a bit this morning. A pause is healthy – get rid of those weak holders! – esp. if we get a handle. (Think TXG). HZNP BREAKOUTTT live answered LETS LOOK AT HORIZON PLEASEEEE live answered Youtube live video we can scrollback and replay on liveshow. Zoom I do not think they have this feature. Can you use any video technology where we can scroll back and check? If we join late or step out this feature is useful to review it on live show we do not have to wait for you to publish. Hi there — this would be a feature the Zoom software platform itself would need to roll out. We don’t have control over this, but agree it would be a great feature! hubs live answered Go to SQ which has pulled back, is this a reversal to sell? Could just be a handle forming here. Before today, it was up 10 days in a row SQ What is up with Square? … I mean what is Down with SQ today?? Ha! Could just be a handle forming here. Before today, it was up 10 days in a row HUBS has good sponsorship live answered What about SQ and PYPL both down? live answered Probably you guys need to find out if you can use youtube ? Benzinga uses youtube for their live shows. Are they subscriber-only shows, or open to the public? Can you do a comparison for overhead supply. You talked about ZM but what about a stock that has had more highs and lows in its base such as ABNB. Does that mean the overhead supply might be more of a threat on ABNB than on a stock with a more round base such as ZM since the previous upper price limits of a stock such as ABNB were closer in time. live answered Can Charles talk about MOS? live answered can we look at CLF…your thoughts live answered do we have recording for the yesterday ETF session? Yes — on this page: BG, did Chris say you put it on Swing Trade today? I did not get an alert We did not. Since this is 2x, doesn’t BIB have time decay that would be negative to longer term hold? Yes. You’ll do OK when its trending but when it goes against you or even goes sideways back and forth, that decay (contango) can have a shocking effect. Do you know when the ETF webinar from yesterday will be posted to the MarketSmith site? You can find it on right here… I missed yesterday’s ETF seminar. Was it recorded and is there a link?? Yes — on this page: who is the speaker? David Ryan, former portfolio manager for IBD founder Bill O’Neil Does David still like FND? Thanks live answered How do you find the component stocks of an ETF? Go to the fund site. For QQQ, for example — David Ryan is the best We love his enthusiasm for the market and CAN SLIM, as well as his willingness to share some swing trading strategies. Any campers watching CWH? Hi Michael, what a nice recovery here. Camping World found the right buying support at the 50- and 200-day MAs in February. Looks to me a new base forming next to the big cup with handle and 40.75 pivot that failed. Strong 93 RS Rating! Cheers, Hat Man Dave please look at nvda, is it a buy We have it on Leaderboard; in buy range, Frank — is the market getting extended? looks like SPY is about 5% above 50 day and qqq about 6% above 50 day Good point Hunter; on Tue show Chris did not the 6% figure above the 50-day MA as a yellow signal. What’s an “Advance Decline?” David is referring to the Advance Decline line. It will tally the number of stocks advancing and declining on a given day and graphically represent it. When you see the market going up but the line going down, that tells you that you have fewer stocks driving the index, less breadth. David Ryan’s reasoning for not buying SQ until it pulls back to the 200 day and then advances, just hard to understand why he wouldn’t adhere to CAN SLIM principles He was saying 50-day or 250 price level Charles Harris and David Ryan, are you kidding me??? WOW!!! I know! Great discussion. Hi, how do I submit a question early for when Mark Minervini comes on? Submit it towards the beginning of the show the day that he’s on! 🙂 OK thanks Ali. I hope my question gets picked up then. No email address? We’ll do our best! At this time, we do not have an email address to submit Qs. Please discuss RBLX, and if it is time to add to this stock at this time? We’re watching to see if it’s an inside day. Hat Man…did you hang in with PLTR? Thanks for asking. No, I sold to cut losses. Still on my longer-term watchlist! Does it look like Dynatrace (DT) is forming a double bottom entry I think this would be a flawed double bottom; the middle peak is actually higher than base’s left-side high.

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