QA Summary For March Leaderboard Scorecard Webinar, March 2, 2021

Hi… LeaderBoard Team 🙂 Good Afternoon Besides Chris, who’s been to Winslow, AZ? Not I! But I am curious now. Who here has been to Winslow AZ to see the corner from this song? I have! 🙂 How nice hat man we can always count on you for good tunes… Ah, Michael, today, Ken and Chris get complete credit! Hi Jonathan Good afternoon Mr. Rocheleau and Chris Yup Can we have more days like yesterday and less like today? AMEN Max! What are you seeing emerge in the cyclical areas (besides GM)? Steel, mining, construction gear, farming are a few. And don’t forget the interest-rate sensitives, namely lenders. No Hat??? We were just as shocked as you. Hey guys! Good afternoon Levi! Will you be including the weighting of holdings in your excel file at some point? It would be a nice quick way to see the % allocation. Is this what you are looking for? There seems to be discontinuity between IBD 50 adds/removes and Leaderboard. The IBD 50 adds/removes are computer generated while the Leaderboard adds/removes are decided by the team. YTD includes 3/2? Looks like they stopped this 2/26 I’m still confused by Leaderboard alerts that I receive regarding changes in IBD Top Ten. I don’t hear you folks talk about those entities or Leaderboard strategies for those holdings. Politely, please stop sending alerts if there’s no Leaderboard action or instruction related to them. That’s really good feedback. It’s been our thinking that changes in the Top 10 would be helpful. Jim, we’ll discuss this across the entire team. I dont understand the use of SQQQ. I have purchased twice at your guidance and lost money on it and the market both times. The last notification to buy came too late to purchase it that day so I had to purchase it at a higher rate in the morning. Can you explain how to best use it? live answered The Leaderboard numbers are great but for us that started in the last 4 months have been dancing to the Ed Seykota Whipsaw song. Just because any of our buy points have not been as low as the Learderboard one… That’s a good point, Michael; October to February has been much harder than April to July. We certainly can expect choppy action to continue for some time. When you talk about Target later, is there general advice on what to do when you own a stock but earnings are coming out before the market opens. For example, Target, is there anything one should do on the day before? A stop loss order or what? live answered It looks like a few positions have had sell signals lately (such as CMG, NOW, and PDD), yet stayed on the Leaderboard. Why were they not removed? live answered What is the criteria for quitting SQQQ, comfirmed uptreand? Great Q, W. I think one test case will be how QQQ, acting in inverse with the SQQQ, will handle a test of resistance at the short-term moving averages, namely the 10-day SMA and the 21-day EMA. A lot of IBD research on the 21-day line has influenced the team a lot. Have you seen this story for more detail on this moving average? Cheers, Dave — Hello everyone, should Leaderboard subscribers respect 25% sell rule or sell only when you take the stock from the list? Hi Antonio, great Q; it really does depend on your entry and where a Leaderboard stock is in its growth cycle. For instance, TSLA’s breakout past the most recent buy point of 466 produced a fine short-term gain, but for shares bought at that juncture, it totally made sense to target a 25% gain — or a bit more — ahead of its latest correction. Just a recommendation. Yesterday, IBD Live announced adding DKNG to Leaderboard less than 5 minutes after notifying Leaderboard subscribers. It would be good form to give subscribers time react before announcing it to non-subscribers I sent the team a separate email with this comment. Can you add alert features from 10 day to 21 day EMA, please? Thanks in advance. This will be a big help for LB members. That’s an interesting idea, Jitesh. Will share w/ our user experience team. Also, Thanks to LB team for showing key averages for each stock and index with a cursor on. It was a nice upgrade! We take our customers’ suggestions seriously. ZI has been quite volatile, and it almost hit the 7% sell mark (49.45, from 53.18 Buy point), what is the thinking behind keeping the stock? live answered When will LB be easier to follow by having ST like lists: Current and Past Trades and Recent Alerts? That would make LB much easier to follow. Thanks I will send your suggestion to our Priuduct Dept. I agree with Jim. Make it Crystal clear as to what is being bought in Leaderboard. No need to send alerts for watch list; we can view website. Alerts should be sent with a buy point range. I will make sure the team sees your note. I also have IBD digital membership and I read articles every day of stocks with great numbers in a buy zone, but when I checked my leaderboard account, I dont see those stocks added to the section “Stocks near buying point”. Why are some good stocks recommend in IBD digital and not added to leaderboard? live answered Are you guys open to questions about specific stocks? If they are on LB, then yes. bought or added into Leaderboard. Understood. I’ve had several Leader stocks drop below 7-8% buy point, but Leaderboard hasn’t given sell alert. Do I sell every time one of the Leaderboard stocks 7-8% below my buy point? It’s a great Q; a few of the names certainly trigger this key sell signal on an intraday basis. But sometimes they’ll end high in the daily or weekly range and turn that ‘paper loss” under 7%. So, depending on our knowledge of the stock and the stock’s personality, we sometimes make a judgment call. But when it’s clearly weak, we take it out on the 8% loss rule as quickly as possible, especially when leading stocks are not acting right. Good Afternoon team !! Question on hedging with SQQQ. How do you size the hedging position live answered “Hi guys, I bought FTCH,PLTR and FND in their buy range. They are all down since. I am still holding on to them, given that they have good potential. Am I doing the right thing?. Thanks Jay” live answered when you go to “take a quarter” off of TSLA (for example) – is that a quarter when you bought it or a quarter based on portfolio value now? Hi Tony, the ‘quarter’ posn removed was the position added on Nov. 18 with a 465 cost; we tend to practice “LIFO” — Last position In, First Out. Where is GM? Not shown in this spreadsheet because I cut it off at the end of February to prepare the slides. Why is SQQQ considered to offer 20% offset to the exposure given that it is 3x the negative of the QQQ return? Shouldn’t the offset be closer to 27% (3*9%)? live answered When you show the spreadsheets, which are very helpful, can you please scroll up to show column headings? Thx. I sent them a note… Can you talk a little about NVDA and its recent performance versus its recent earnings report? Sure John; I am still examining the full report, but so far I feel it was very impressive. The financial media noted that CEO Huang’s comments on Bitcoin revenue outlook may have disappointed some investors, and thus the pullback now — plus the general market pullback — may be reflecting this. Bitcoin mining aside, I am very impressed by the strength of their datacenter and gaming revenue growth, it was well highlighted in the fiscal Q4 report. In the short term, NVDA may try to form a new base next to the two prior patterns that we’ve annotated on the daily chart. Hope this helps. Dave “Hi! i did not sell nvcr. i’m i making a mistake? thanks” live answered “Swingtrader provides a regular scorecard. The detailed scorecard just shown could be another example. It would be helpful to assess the performance—individually and collectively. Also, how do you reconcile the IBD methodology with only having 8-10 stocks and having many more stocks in the model porfolios. Thanks Darryl” live answered what’s your thinking on UPST? I think we may have been better off using a big break of the 21-day EMA as an exit signal, in retrospect. But since the stock finally formed a 10-week moving average last, week, we want to see the stock get buying support at this key technical level. Do not change the detailed analysis, updates, and chart mark-ups. They are golden. Absolutely, thanks much! Regarding TSLA, in view of its markedly higher volatility compared with even growth stocks: shouldn’t some of the IBD and Leaderboard rules be liberalized somewhat (eg, hold it longer even in view of recent topping), or is a stock like this a reason to be disciplined and guided by customary rules even more. Great Q; we have decided to keep the original quarter position that got added in early June 2020 near 175. We certainly have the profit cushion to be “liberal” in terms of holding the stock through the current correction. How do you see existing portfolio? Since we’ve raised some cash, and added the SQQQ position so I think the team feels comfortable about the “long-term leaders” making up a significant bulk of the overall portfolio. And, we are at a place where it will be easy to reduce exposure further and quickly, or to add new positions should this current pullback end. Jonathan: Can you please add prices (low or high) similar to Market SMith? THis will be helpful too. I wil absolutely add this to the list. Hatless man, TGT had a three weeks tight. Anything to learn about… (reading my mind) Ha ha! Well, you are exactly right, but what’s interesting here: While the 3 weeks tight wrapped up w/ the week ended Jan 22, notice how the very next week, institutions dumped shares and TGT fell 5.6% in accelerating turnover. You just don’t want the stock to act like that, right after this relatively rare pattern forms. Two more points: 1) Looking at TGT’s long-term chart history, yes, it’s formed 3 weeks tight, 4 weeks tight patterns technically, but they did not really produce a good follow-on buy point. It just may be the stock’s individual character here. And 2) I think 3 weeks tight patterns tend to work better near the start of a breakout, particularly from a first-stage base, and w/ small and midcaps, rather than large/megacap ones. Hope this is helpful! Hatless Man Today The name convention for Leaders near a Buy Point for SQQQ is not quite right. Rather it is a hedging strategy & should not be called a Leader. Make an attempt to keep it simple. We don’t want to create a new category for subscribers and confuse them. We make it very well known that this is a hedge. On your monthly graph. What moving averages are being shown? The blue line is the Relative Strength vs. the S&P 500 Status of Upstart? Hi Fred, pls see my answer on UPST chart action Can Chris scroll to the top of his screen for the portfolio weights to show the top bar? Hi Samuel, can you see the row descriptions now? I have Leaderboard, Swingtrader, Marketsmith, IBDLive, IBD, etc. Do I really need Leaderboard? LB is the only resource IBD offers that offers specific buy point recommendations for stocks and has a proven track record. I think it would be one of the LAST to cut. What is the difference between a base and a follow-on entry? Can a follow-on entry become a base? When we say “base”, we are usually referring to the first base we bought from. But a follow-on can absolutely become a base if you missed the first entry. Hello, Are you guys try to have a diversified holdings across multiple sectors? Thanks. I do not believe we have a specific rule BUT we are always pay attention to industry groups and sectors so we do not over-concentrate. Please still keep adding to Leaderboard if there is any good stocks. GM turned out be good buy from leaderboard If there is room in the portfolio, we will! Where can I find the annotation tool? It is only available for the editors to add annotations. If you are new to Leaderboard would you buy anything at the moment Look at stocks in the “leaders near a buy point” section for stocks in/near actionable buy areas, and make sure to read the analysis/look at the chart before making any buy decisions. Check out for more details! Why don’t you sell UPST? Profit 100% to less than 20%. live answered Hello, On Leaderboard can you guys please add the name of the sector next to the Stock ? Thanks. When you open up the LB chart, you see the ticker, company name and industry group in the upper left corner I do not see GM on your spreadsheet…. We bought it March 1st and the spreadsheet was thru the end of Feb. How do you justify adding GM with some weak fundamentals vs other growth stocks that have higher earnings, sales, SMR, etc. ratings? Playing a current trend (based on economic cycle)? live answered Please include the weighting of holdings in your excel file . The weightings were there? Sorry if you already answered. But do you have a rule about adding SQQQ, or is it a “feel” kind of decision? I.e.: add when NDQ > 7% above 50 D? Thx much It is a “feel”. We use it when we want to hedge the market. You post the ibd 10 vs teh ibd 50 and changes, do you have data on the performance of these groups vs each other and vs a broader index? Historically, the top 10 does better than 11-20, does better than 21-30 and so on. I was amazed at how clean the performance charts were when I looked at the data. One right on top of the other. does the 8 week rule also hold for very volatile stock? with palantir some weeks ago, there would have been a 20% profit which then turned into a small loss. If a stock makes a round trip back to a buy point after a double-digit gain, that typically trumps the 8-week hold rule. With PLTR, we got in with our first buy much much earlier than the most recent breakout as shown by pattern recognition above 33.60. We noted that round trip as a sell signal for PLTR on the LB chart “Purpose of Stock Spotlight ..are these stocks marked to graduate to LB List. Do you recommend to hold small positions?” It is an entirely separate computer generated list. Just gives you another pond to fish from. could you share the recording link afterwards? We post it at the top banner of — we also have our archives at Can you also talk about NVDA? it is below 50-day average live answered “In Live this morning, you talked about “primary sell rule for LB”: 1. Focus on 10-week moving average. 2. checking holdings on Friday before market closes. Could you talk us through that routine with some examples?” TSM a good example. Right now testing support at the 10-week after a big move, holding just above that level — we’ll see how the rest of the week shakes out I have found that a 7-8% loss can get away quickly if I wait for a Decisive close below the 10 week and get to 12-15% loss… That’s where proper position sizing comes into play. Check out this article for a great explainer: can u explain position 1/2 3/4 what does it mean if 100k portfolio The size of a full position on Leaderboard is 10% of the portfolio (so $10K if you have $100K portfolio). That means a half position is 5%, while a quarter position is 2.5%. Ten full positions at 10% each would mean we’re fully invested. More than that would mean we’re on margin. More info at I would like to have something like the “Cut List” that lists recent deletions of Leaderboard stocks. We added the “Stocks Added/Removed” column to replace the cut list. Can we screen for earnings stability on MS? Yes you sure can! Just to clarify a point made just now about RS—RS line is relative strength vs S&P or relative strength vs all stocks in the IBD database? RS *line* is relative strength vs. S&P 500. RS *rating* is vs. all stocks in IBD’s database! 🙂 “Pls distinguish RS number and RS line. Thanks” The RS Line compares the stock to the S&P 500. The RS Rating compares the stock to all other traded stocks in terms of price performance for the last 12 months. Good trading (investing) philosophies folks! Thanks! We hope you are finding the tool helpful. Can we get a 24 month and maybe a 12 month Moving Avg line drawn on Leaderboard Monthly charts? Those MAs were discussed in articles on how to manage a LT Leaders portfolio. I will pass the suggestion on to the IBD Product Dept. Do you still hold on to the long term leader if it falls below the 10 week line, even if you have good cushion if it’s in late stage base? Here’s our article on all our buy and sell rules for long-term leaders The new % off of an SMA Feature is great thanks for adding it! We listen to our customers and adjust the product to make it better and better. How about WMT? WMT is in a downtrend, gapped down recently and is extending losses. Plus, it’s below its 200-day line. We focus on stocks in uptrends that are outperforming the broad market, showing strong earnings and revenue growth What does the percentage in new box represnt ? There are several percentages available and they show you what they are comparing to off to the right. Hi, Thanks for everything. regarding Longterm Leaders, for members that dont have subscription to IBD digital. how can we identify that a leaderboard stock is also a longterm leader? Look at the stock’s monthly chart and compare them to the monthly charts of the likes of NOW & MSFT Is there ever a place on leaderboard for “high fliers” that have excellent fundamentals such as FUTU or APPS. We don’t buy stocks that are well extended from their 50-day moving averages. When those were at proper entries, they weren’t high fliers yet. When we get confirmed uptrend, are you guys planning to put TQQQ back on? We don’t put TQQQ on Leaderboard. We get our exposure through our stock picks. Is there any place within Leaderboard where I can find alerts if I missed them when they were issued? Yes! In the Stocks Added/Removed tab. What is your latest recommendation on ZM? Ed and I discussed on today’s Stock Market Today show, which can be found at Where can we learn about options through IBD? We have several Options Home Study Courses available in the IBD Store. Hi, Hello. Your message was cut off? Hi, Can you please explain long term puts with an example? Thanks. That would confuse many on this call because it has nothing to do with Leaderboard but we have several Options Home Study Courses available in the IBD Store. Can chart screen show most latest related news from all sources like Finviz? We have this feature on our MarketSmith charts They mentioned buying puts at market bottom dis he mean to say buy at market top? He was talking about SQQQ so at a market bottom, you would expect SQQQ to go down (it’s an inverse ETF) so buying a put at the market bottom would be the way to go (it would be a top on SQQQ). I don’t like to look name by name so for quick reference, you should include the weighting of holdings in your excel file That suggestion has been made a few times and I passed it along to the team and the IBD Product Dept. Could you quickly show the Gains Sort, Position Size and performance chart on Justin’s spreadsheet before you end? Thanks. Here ya go! Can we get analysis on TX even though it’s not on LB? It finished the day in the Buy Zone. It doesn’t seem to meet your dollar volume requirement, but using IBD Digital, the ratings look great for this stock. Check out today’s “Screen of the day” article from our very own David Chung about TX, LOGI and RIO. How does LB do against QQQ over 3 years? We compare vs. the S&P 500 as it is the standard for measurement and comparison. Where can we find the spreadsheet with leaderboard current holdings and percent of holding per position? We put the archive of each Leaderboard scorecard episode on — so you can go back and revisit each month’s episode to take a look! qfin was listed in LB watchlist. Is it still a buy? If the stock is off the list, it is no longer a consideration. Do you add ARK funds into your institutional list? We are aware of what they’re buying/selling but they are not included in IBD’s mutual fund index at this time Where can we find the date and the time and/or price a stock is added to or removed from Leaderboard (ex. SQQQ)? The weekly chart will show our entry and exit. The daily chart will show any adds or exits along the way. When you buy a new position, or add to an existing position, do you indicate at what price you bought/added the stock that day? If so, where can I find that? If not, do we assume that your purchase price is at the midpoint of that day’s high and low prices? Check the daily/weekly annotations of the Leaderboard charts in addition to the buy point/buy range/current action sections on the main LB page Cut List: Thanks Jonathan. I was looking for the commentary that Cut List stocks used to have. (Why it was removed, etc.) I hear you. I did like that feature as well but it caused too much confusion with our subscribers so it was removed. Would love discussion on NVDA. Thanks! live answered Do you recommend to buy stocks on “leaders near a buy point” with strong composite, EPS rating, SMR rating, RS rating and good Accumulation/distribution and ignore the weakest ones? I am confused based on the recommendation from “How to make money in stock market” by William O’neal- checking that all those numbers match before buying the stock, however, some of those are recommended in leaderboard. Thank you You can conduct your own analysis before making buy decisions, but if a stock makes it on the “leaders near a buy point” list, that means our team has already conducted thorough analysis and views it as a buying opportunity ok, makes sense. you’re right, your first buy was much earlier. thank you. Happy to help. Comments on NVDA? I’ve tried to play that several times with no success, or limited success New buys lately of previous winners have largely been tougher due to current market conditions. But a long-time winner for us on LB Hi there, great session. As I started Leaderboard start of the year, there are some stocks I do not have yet. Now some of them are in buy range again. could I buy them, even though there is uptrend under pressure? thanks ! Hi there! Check out for details on how/when to buy when starting fresh! How do you get the drawing tool on Leaderboard Charts? Those are only available to the editors to make/change annotations. When (during the day) do you usually update the ETF market strategy? The update occurs at the end of the day. Hi, Is it ok to add some TSLA here? live answered Thank you Jonathan. I live to serve 🙂 IN the downloadable excel, can you include 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 or full position That is the plan! Any chance of doing a webinar on Leaderboard? Yes, in fact our monthly free webinar this month is all about Leaderboard. It is in 2 weeks. For starting a new portfolio from leaderboard what would be the opening positions and maximum target number of positions to have to plan for the position size Hey Francisco! Check out for info on how to use LB when starting fresh Are you allowed to own these stocks… restricted? We have restrictions on when we are allowed to purchase them. Can short interest be included in the LB checkup list? I will pass your suggestion along to the IBD Product team. Seems it would be more efficient to buy puts rather than hedging with SQQQ. For the LB mock portfolio (and for less customer confusion), we simply add a SQQQ position. ok, thanks! great moderation of the show every day after markets by you, by the way 🙂 Thank you so much! 🙂

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