ABC Bullish for NYSE:TWTR by lauralea

Possible stop below C or last pivot low.

Not a recommendation.

There is support at prior gap up. Trading can be a waiting game, but selecting a good long entry level is important that is close to support.

Take a look at the rest of the sector as well. It is rare to find a stock performing well, when the rest are performing poorly.

The tail of a LL (long legged) doji can show a support level by dipping it’s tail to a level that encourages buying. Just as any other support level , this level may fail later on. But for me it is a good indicator that shows price dipped there but did not like the water temperature at that level.

On the way down, there were 3 black crows which is bearish and consists of 3 decent sized red candles in a row. There are 3 green candles coming up in the last few days but the 3rd candle is not quite big enough to call it a 3 white soldier candle formation. There is a hammer before the 3 green candles.

Not a recommendation.

I feel like I never quit learning stuff about trading. I am not sure there is a way to know everything there is to know, but just looking at charts daily, and reading as well as online content helps me a lot to trust myself. I guess I have to love it, or I will lose money to someone else who does (o:

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