Bitcoin Inverted Head and shoulders 2 in 1 ! for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by Ether2020

Dear Traders,
Here is a brief update to my previous analysis with key support and resistance levels.
We have broken through the rising wedge trend line for a while but it may also be a just a wick and there no close at the moment yet for the 2 hour chart.
Bitcoin is making complex moves meant to catch everyone off guard and stop out many traders. Selling their Bitcoins at lower levers by fear and greed. Huge market manipulation by large hedge funds and institutionals!

I attach the links from my previous analyses which are still valid. Currently, another small inverted head shoulder formation has emerged (the Black). The other is the orange one .
H-S patterns are often imperfect but nevertheless working. We are seeing with this rising wedge , the development of the larger right head shoulder from my previous analyses. Now if we get a downmove it is complete. Then it can go 2 ways. Either we break through the neckline of the larger H-S pattern or we get a powerful counter move that puts everyone on the wrong track again. That is what I expect.

Look closely at the support and resistance levels and how everything develops. With this and previous roadmaps of Bitcoin , that is perfectly possible to follow.

Also, be careful with the ALTS. Bitcoin dominance drives that to a large extent and if BTC goes down fast, the ALTS make a skydive.

Trade safe and don’t forget stops and moneymanagement!

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