Bitcoin VLOG #49 – Back below 41k, back to range for BINANCE:BTCUSDT by tommytoan11

(So hopefully my internet issues are behind me, have had 2 failed vlog uploads, which sucks but moving on and should be uploading more regularly now.)

Being totally honest, I entered a short at first 40k touch, got stopped around 41k, possible I would have entered another short (I’m backtesting these trades so its dependent on me being honest with myself!!) and got stopped at 42.5k

I definitely entered a long at 41.7k, and got stopped recently at 39.5k

So I’m getting rekt here! I have had bearish bias up here, we are way oversold, crazy days in a row green candles, what are the odds we stayed above 41k here and went higher?

Probability favors ranging in the high 30s. For how long I don’t know, bullish scenarios 100% favor going sideways up here, get some price action building, then try again for a 41k break. I’m worried about big money baiting in longs with another false break, buildup a ton of leveraged longs, then dump the fuck out of it causing cascading liquidations. Same scenario that bought us to top of range, but in inverse.

MY ROUGH PREDICTION = I may start going for less accuracy and more generalization with my predictions now. Its more fun I find!

We start moving back towards 35k.

Shoutout to todays trading view ideas [email protected] @dRends35

=== TimeStamps ===

0:00 = Welcome

0:30 = BTC 1 day

1:00 = My internet is fixed

2:20 = My shorts are rekt

2:50 = Breaking trend line

3:40 = BTC 1week and 1 month

4:40 = My long

6:30 = 8+ days green

7:40 = BTC 4 hour

8:20 = Selling after buying

8:50 = Cryptopanic news

11:00 = Backtesting honesty


18:15 = @MarcPMarkets and @dRends35

19:30 = Closing words

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