BTC: Time is clocking for CRYPTOCAP:TOTAL2 by renatorez2

Cup extended on left: analysis possibly compromised

There were 11 consecutive days of high BTC . There is a high chance that the 4-year BTC cycle will only end at the end of the year, with a large growth.

The graph above shows the sum of Market Cap of Cryptocurrencies in general. This means that when this graph goes up, regardless of which cryptocurrency, there are people, banks, governments and countries buying cryptocurrency.

Using the logarithmic scale, it is possible to identify the bullish cup pattern. The cup pattern is one of the main patterns for chart analysis and it indicates a considerable high with a hit chance of 70 to 90% chance). Because this pattern is occupying 4 years of the chart, the probability of it happening increases even more.

There is an inexplicable (but very good) knowledge between several analyses:

1) The BTC cycle lasts 4 years and is scheduled to end in the last weeks of December of this year.

2) Using Fiboacci retracement, there is an indication of BTC reaching values ​​never seen before in December

3) Cup pattern increase arrow points exactly to growth from 150k to 200k btc in December.

Furthermore using fundamental analyses:

1) EIP1559 will be released in 3 days (August 4th). It increases the speed of ETH transactions and lowered transaction fees. To lower transaction fees ETH will burn ETH to pay off debt. In this way demand increases (more efficient system) and supply decreases (by burning ETH).

2) Probably Cardano (ADA) will launch its Smart Contracts Upgrade between December and November of this year. This will make Carnado much more practical to use on a daily basis. And it will make transactions and “use of money” in 3 world countries safer.

3) ETH 2.0 is scheduled to be released in the first quartile of 2021. ETH 2.0 aims to further lower rates and make the whole system more efficient (conversion from “proof of work” to proof of stake). One of the main benefits to ETH of using “proof of stake” is that it will no longer be using GPU mining to calculate transactions. This is the first step towards a sustainable cryptocurrency (avoiding the unnecessary use of too much too much energy). So great marketing.

Governments are taking action towards cryptocurrency and probably more countries around the world will use cryptocurrencies to correct inflation of their own currency. Since Cryptocurrency is 100% traceable.

So there is an upward trend towards the end of the year. However with conflict between ETH and BTC , since BTC must enter BEAR MARKET while ETH will receive upgrade in 60 to 90 days.

Probably NASDAQ should have a slight drop in the next few days, as the money will go to Cryptocurrencies, as they are more profitable

And as soon as it gets out in the Newspapers that BTC is bullish again, they will see buyers from the rest of the world increase the value of BTC

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