EURUSD forecast for FOREXCOM:EURUSD by Bill-from-The-trading-Cartel

Hey everyone. Back again. You will see in my previous trades (we extracted huge percentages)i have been following my high time frame narrative as explained in further detail in the Discord.
In this screen shot please read all the notes as this is quality information and hard to come by material.
On EURUSD for the last two weeks we have been trading multiple long positions and will continue to do so as this Daily narrative plays out. (We have also taken the odd hedge trade as well although very sparingly) We have HTF daily buy money transfers initiated by banks and financial institutions. We are trading in the footprints of these banks / financial institutions so it is imperative to know where they are placing their trades. Luckily at Envision we know how to work this out and trade according. On EURUSD we have mitigated a HTF buy range (Demand) to the far left and are currently taking loads of HTF buy side liquidity as we trend long. We are reacting from supply which is creating the pull back and then simply continuing our long trend as we react and react and continue from significant Demand ranges. Above the descending channel (as well as a lot of liquidity) we have a massive Imbalance / void in the market and we certainly could see price push up into this void and react from the nice Supply above / B2S range above it. Thanks for reading everyone and i hope you have a great Sunday. Trade safe

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