September15 BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis for BYBIT:BTCUSD by BitCoinGuide

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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for September 15 th .

This is a move after the closing of the private on the 14th.

Following the orange parallel line I drew

Sky blue resistance line -> red orange resistance line

Right side finished

Unfortunately, we did not reach the top section indicated.

This is the maximum Profit of $2007.

More details will be discussed in the analysis section.

4 hour chart

Today’s approximate Top/Bottom price is displayed.

Orange parallel line strong rise

green upward

to the red danger zone

have an approximate travel route

I made today’s trading strategy

30 minute chart long position strategy

* When the red arrow moves

long position strategy

now at a very important point.

The red/green resistance line is a difficult spot to break through at once.

48159 Long position entry section / Stop loss when breaking the green support line

The final $50981 top section is the target.

* When the light blue finger moves

Long -> Short -> Long Switching Strategy

Basically, check the shape of the support line,

It is advantageous to focus on long positions.

(Green support line up and down sideways)

The rebound is not good

If you continue to walk sideways,

$46,768 short position switching / Stop loss when the left all-high point is exceeded

Final $45,118 long position switching / Stop loss when breaking the red support line

It is a spot exchange

Today is the standard that does not deviate from the green support line.

It seems that there is moderate pumping in ETC Altcoins.

Paying attention to the movement,

If support is successful on the red arrow or the green support line

In the same way, you can switch to major altcoins.

Don’t forget to buy in principle / stop loss is essential

Fighting today

thank you

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