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How come we never see a Lamborghini Hurracan towing a camper along? Oftentimes, sports cars have a tremendous amount of power, yet we never put them to work. These sports cars are often all-wheel-drive and have all the power. So, why don’t we see sports cars towing a trailer more often? Can you tow with a sports car? 

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Should you use a sports car for towing? 

You definitely can but should you? Probably not. Like anything else, there are always exceptions, but all kinds of power were not created equally as a rule. Although sports cars can be very fast and powerful, the kind of power they tend to have is not the right kind of power for towing. 

Sports cars are often rich in higher-rpm horsepower but lack the torque, gearing, and weight for serious towing. Again, this doesn’t mean a sports car couldn’t tow a small trailer if it had the trailer hitch, but it does mean it probably shouldn’t. 

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