Brendan Morais & Pieper James Announce They Are [SPOILER] on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Brendan Morais and Pieper James‘s future on Bachelor in Paradise was revealed on Tuesday’s episode (September 14).

Last week, the two were confronted about their pre-existing relationship before they arrived on the show and it all came into the open after Pieper had crashed his date with Natasha Parker.

Just before the rose ceremony on the show, Brendan and Pieper revealed if they would be staying on or leaving.

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As Natasha recalled what she knew about Brendan and Pieper‘s relationship before the show, the group decided it was time to find out whether Brendan and Pieper really planned their romance before coming to Paradise.

Brendan said that he and Pieper were not exclusive before filming and claimed he tried to focus on his relationship with Natasha, but shared that he wasn’t feeling anything romantic towards her.

He then defended his intentions because he and Pieper were able to have more time to develop their relationship on the beach than in the real world. Pieper also claimed that the show was an opportunity for them to completely focus on each other and affirm that she came there to explore her relationship with him.

In private, Pieper told Brendan she was of course excited to gain more followers from the show, but said she didn’t think what they did was unheard of, or wrong.

“This environment, I guess, isn’t where we wanna be at this particular moment,” he revealed to the group, while announcing they would be leaving the show. “I think you all know and I am well aware of, this is the girl I wanna be with, and I feel comfortable in saying that, so I appreciate all you guys, but I’m gonna leave with her and we’re gonna do that on our own terms.”

Stay tuned for more on Bachelor in Paradise.

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