Your Scorpio Monthly Horoscope for August

Add these dates to your GCal:

  • Sunday, August 8: New Moon in Leo
  • Sunday, August 22: Full Moon in Aquarius
  • Sunday, August 22: Sun enters Virgo

    It’s somehow already August (wtf!), but while everyone’s been on vacation, you’ve been grinding away. No doubt there’s a lot going on professionally, and on August 8—when the Sun and Moon align, forming a New Moon in Leo—you’ll be ready to take action on a tremendous opportunity.

    During this lunation, there’s no light in the sky; you’re operating in total darkness. While this can be somewhat disorienting, it also gives you a unique opportunity to stargaze. You have so many things you want to accomplish in your lifetime, and you deserve to achieve your goals. Under this New Moon, be brave: a major risk will be sure to deliver a massive boost of confidence, inspiring you to take a giant leap outside your comfort zone. You know that goal that feels like a pipe dream? It’s time to make that your reality. Go get it, Scorpio!

    But everything exists on an axis, and lofty aspirations require deep, stable roots. Likewise, on August 22, the Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates the powerful stratification between your wants and needs. This is actually the second Full Moon in Aquarius of the season , making this lunation a powerful Blue Moon. It will be closing the chapter that started last month, during the first Full Moon in Aquarius on July 23. Fundamentally, this Full Moon will shine a bright light on an extremely important—but impossibly frustrating—reality: Everything is a compromise! Have you been really showing up for your friends, family, and support system? If you’ve been too consumed with your own glow-up to help your closest companions, this super-charged lunation is the perfect opportunity to prove how much you care.

    Finally, just a few hours after the Blue Moon, a new astrological season begins on August 22, when the Sun cruises into Virgo’s sky. Virgo—an earth sign—is all about logic, rationality, and pragmatism, and for you, this grounded energy inspires you to expand your reach. Now, you’re ready to share your accomplishments with the world and maybe—just maybe—help someone else who’s just getting started on their path. The next few weeks will be all about collaboration, teamwork, and community, so this is an excellent time to fortify new friendships and maybe even take on a mentee who could use some of your sage advice. Remember, the best way to strengthen your expertise is to become a teacher in your craft, so be generous with your resources! Remember, Scorpio love, there’s nothing the universe loves more than kindness. We love to see it!

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