Your Taurus Tarot Horoscope for the Month Ahead

If you’ve been struggling to make deep and meaningful connections with either friends or lovers, there will be a great turnaround once you detach from the outcome. If you’re willing to embrace impermanence, you will be heavily rewarded with exactly the type of connections you both want and deserve. For some of you, you may have recently found long-term, stable love. Don’t forget to keep up with your own independent path and goals while Cupid has you lovestruck. All of my Taurus friends will benefit from self-prioritization and self-discovery. Dive deeper into knowing yourself through therapy, journaling, meditation, and other conscious forms of getting to know yourself this month. Enjoy July your way!

June 2021

Three of Cups: My beautiful Venusian babe, I want you to be aware of a few things as we enter into the month of June: Who around you is showing up with loyalty and honesty, and who’s falling short? You’ll need to make a couple of difficult decisions this month regarding who is worthy of your time, and whose time is up. 

Regardless of how long you’ve known someone, what their relationship is to you, or how intertwined your lives may be with one another, it doesn’t excuse one-sided relationships. When you say no to the people who are wrong for you, you allow the universe to see that you’re ready to say yes to the ones who are right. If you’ve recently gone through a loss, this month will be very healing for you. Expect yourself to grow deeper and more vulnerable with your friend group. I sense a chosen-family type of bond that’s being built. Try to intertwine and invite in rituals, traditions, and gatherings with the ones you love the most. Not only will they appreciate your efforts, but you’ll feel deeply supported and loved in the process.

If you’ve been having creeping suspicions about someone or something being “too good to be true,” your guides are warning against letting yourself fall into suspicious tendencies. Start to envision a life where you can trust in those around you, your successes, and most importantly, yourself. This is not the time to isolate; you’re being called toward conscious community and communication for the month of June. Start with talking kindly to yourself, and then branching out to surround yourself with others who do the same. Let yourself enjoy a supportive June!

May 2021

Ten of Cups: Ah, Taurus. The month of May is about to bring you into a chapter of actualized dreams. You wouldn’t have had your solar season any other way! Without all of the hard work and determination that you’ve shown up with this year, you wouldn’t be in the position you are now. For some, it may be an internal deep-dive that’s occurred. Reassessing your relationships, boundaries, coping skills, and defense mechanisms has allowed you to approach life in a more centered way. This will bring you huge karmic rewards if you keep it up! Try to keep your cool around others while also giving yourself a hall pass to feel all of your deepest feels.

It may have felt that last month brought a few setbacks or stagnation, leaving you confused about where you stand with those closest to you. Don’t worry; May is bringing you the clarity you need and deserve. If someone has kept one foot in the door and the other out, it will be your job to gently nudge both feet out. Make more room for those who are ready to fully commit to being reliable for you, the way that you’re reliable for so many others. I’m also seeing that there are health concerns you’re clearing up through movement, and potentially unveiling and avoiding a food allergy going forward. Your body feels free, light, and happy in May. Keep up the good work, and the Universe will continue to bless you in many new ways!

April 2021

Two of Pentacles: Multitasking is not your strong suit, my Venusian friend. As we enter into a month that marks the start of your solar season, the best birthday gift you can give to yourself is the release of chaos. Make sure that you’re keeping your calendar in order and ensure that you’re not missing any meetings, calls, or deadlines. It seems your mind has been all over the place recently, and this month will be a time to redefine your relationship with organization. Are you ignoring present-moment responsibilities but causing unnecessary suffering for your future self? Don’t let your life snowball into a disorderly mess. “It could all be so simple,” as Miss Lauryn Hill reminds us.

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