The History of Caesars Casino Franchise

Caesars is one of the oldest and most iconic casino brands in the world. After making a name for itself in Las Vegas, the franchise expanded into various other projects including online casinos. Not only has its model been exemplary for other major names who have wanted to make it big in the industry, but the name has also helped market and spread the word about the online casino industry as a whole. It seems as if this famous brand will continue to get bigger and better.

More Famous Than Ever Thanks to Online Gambling

Many older gamblers will have heard of Caesars thanks to its notoriety in Las Vegas. However, the younger generations of casino players may know of it thanks to its expansion into online casinos. Since moving into online gambling, the Caesars Entertainment brand is now more famous than ever before.

It has spread to a vast amount of people thanks to the fact that it is one of the most comprehensive online casinos on the market. For more detailed information, it has been reviewed here. According to the Caesars casino PA review, it’s an online casino at its finest, with healthy bonuses on offer and top games such as 88 Fortune and Star Magic. It allures older players thanks to its famous name, and younger players because of its hi-tech features and wealth of games.

Where Did it All Begin?

The mammoth Caesars Entertainment franchise has had an incredible journey since its beginnings as a land-based casino in Vegas. It started as Caesars Palace in 1966 in Nevada City. The founders were Jay Sarno and Stanley Mallin, and their vision was to create a gambling house reminiscent of the glorious Roman Empire. Guests were made to feel as if they had traveled back in time, and the sprawling hotel and casino were filled with statues and columns.

The legendary site has always been one of the most extravagant spots in the Paradise area of Vegas, and it has attracted high rollers throughout its history. Along with gambling games, it has always been a place of entertainment as well. Some of the biggest musicians in history have performed there, with Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Rod Steward among the most notable acts. Thanks to the success of Caesars Palace, the franchise expanded to four more casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Buy-Out by Harrah’s Entertainment

Harrah’s Entertainment purchased Caesars Entertainment for $10.4 billion in 2005 and, soon after that, changed its name to Caesars Entertainment to capitalize on the notoriety of the brand. The new company decided to change the logo in 2010 and dropped Augustus Caesar’s head from the middle of the image to modernize it. It was at this point that Caesars Entertainment also branched out into the growing online casino industry. The logo redesign could have come about as a way to broaden the scope of the brand and allow it to explore other themes beyond the Roman Empire.

Representation in Popular Culture

One of the reasons for the notoriety of Caesars is down to its representation in popular culture. The original casino has been said to reflect the quintessential Las Vegas image in the past, so it is often a go-to choice for filmmakers who are shooting in the city. Viewers have grown accustomed to seeing the legendary building, and it is instantly recognizable when shown on screen.

The list of movies that have used Caesars Palace as a location is endless. Some of the most famous flicks include Iron Man in 2008, Godzilla in 2014, and Rain Man in 1988. It has also played a more prominent part in casino-focused films such as 21 in 2008 and The Hangover in 2009. There is no doubt that the regular usage of the lavish casino has helped the brand reach audiences all over the world.

What Next for Caesars?

Thanks to its rich history and the fact that it has always been an industry leader, it would be wise to assume that Caesars Entertainment will continue to grow and evolve alongside the online casino sector. Players can expect regular innovation and investment into new technology as it emerges. For a classic casino experience, players will enjoy staking on games at one of the oldest franchises around.

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